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Innovation GLab

The severity of heat waves and the handling of more frequent heavy rain events are the key challenges that are currently being pursued in the context of adaptive strategies to climate change. One of the core tools for mitigating negative climate change effects is the use of green infrastructure and high-performance landscapes, in which an increase in urban trees is a key strategy.
The GLab combines applied research and serves projects on a need basis demand. Emphasis on innovation with the assistance of cutting-edge software platforms is given to create resilience design conditions, to minimize heat stress, air pollution, and wind risk by providing simulation modeling software assistance to evaluate human comfort in outdoor urban spaces.
The GLab leads the implementation of BIM+LIM (Building Information Modeling + Landscape Information Modeling) for Landscape Architecture in our studio. These new applications of software technologies support the development of high-performance resilient landscapes while assisting to understand project levels of impact/performance. One of the most significant contributions in using BIM+LIM is the ability to share data and implement true team collaboration, allowing us to increase our efficiency and make informed decisions.

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