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Curtis + Rogers is well known throughout South Florida for providing quality award-winning landscape architectural services.  Our Landscape Architects have more than 100 years of combined experience with complex projects and our long-term relationships with our clients is a testimony to our ability to create environments which engage the senses and lift the spirits, while meeting the operational demands and functional realities of urban projects. 

Our Approach

We believe that creativity results from an interaction between motivated clients and professionals.  The best designs result from an interactive process between artistic creativity and experienced judgement.  We utilize a process that emphasizes creativity within the context of rational problem-solving. Cultural, economic, environmental, and social forces are strong determinants of design.  Our expression is a direct result of maximizing the social benefits, while minimizing the imposition of the man-made environment on the natural setting. We care deeply about building quality projects that last and serve those who entrust us to provide these services.

Our History

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, is a minority owned company licensed in the State of Florida to provide  landscape architectural services.  The firm formed in 1991, by Aida M. Curtis and Richard H. Rogers.  In 2017, Jennie Rogers, a registered Landscape Architect became a firm principal. Rafael J. Ferrer, also a registered Landscape Architect, was made a principal in 2022.

Our commitment to client service and excellence in design lead to our firm being honored as “Landscape Architects of the Year” in 2001 and in 2009 by the Miami Chapter of the AIA. Our designs have won multiple FLASLA awards.

We have a staff of 9 professionals, including 4 registered Landscape Architects, and 2 LEED AP professionals, 3 ISA Certified Arborists, 4 LIAF Certified Landscape Inspectors, 6 WEDG Associate professionals.

Curtis + Rogers provides full landscape architectural services for softscapes (planting and irrigation) and hardscapes (grading, layouts, materials selection, construction details, lighting) for all exterior spaces.  Our expertise is centered on public urban projects:

Parks and Recreational Facilities - district, regional and neighborhood parks.

Streets and Highways - Local streets, state highways.

Public Facilities: museums, libraries, community centers, police and fire stations.

Schools and Universities.

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio | Landscape Architecture | Miami
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