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Curtis + Rogers Design Studio’s Sustainability Plan


Mission Statement

To ensure the sustainable future of the resilient landscapes we design, Curtis + Rogers Design Studio is committed towards reducing environmental impacts from office-related activities, taking measures that support the health of its employees, and creating a work space that fosters overall well-being. The following plan provides the framework to achieve this.



Goal 1: Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Action 1: Work remotely

All employees are encouraged to work remotely pending senior staff approval.

Action 2: Use low-impact forms of transportation

Employees are encouraged to use alternate modes of transportation to the office​

Action 3: Carpool

Employees are encouraged to engage in car-sharing

Action 4: Reduce electricity usage

The office will commit itself towards eliminating extraneous usage of electricity​


Goal 3: Minimize Production of Waste

Action 1: Embark on a Composting Program

All organic waste will be diverted from the regular trash receptacle and channeled into a office composting system.​


Action 2: Reduce accumulation of Single-Use Plastics

Minimizing consumption of products that use non-renewable packaging

Action 3: Reuse office materials for as long as possible

Slowing down the production of waste by repurposing materials for other uses

Goal 2: Spend on Sustainable Products

Action 1: Purchase office goods from local vendors

The office will take advantage of local farmers and distributors in South Florida as they reduce the emissions involved in long-range transport and support the local economy.​


Action 2: Acquire materials with low-embodied carbon

Purchases of office materials will be concentrated on those that required minimal use of greenhouse gases in their production and distribution.

Action 3: Maximize use of Organic/Fair Trade Products

Focus will be but towards buying products that are ethically made and provide positive impact to those who work to bring us these items.

Goal 4: Foster a Healthy Work Environment

Action 1: Maintain proper indoor air quality

Keeping the air we breathe as clean as possible

Action 2: Ensure Cleanliness of Shared Spaces

Keeping the surfaces, we interact with as clean as possible.​


Action 3: Care for your mental and physical health

Ensuring that all employees are happy and healthy

Goal 5: Educate Yourself and Others

Action 1: Strive to continue education

Encouraging the expansion of employees’ knowledge and skillsets

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