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St. Thomas Episcopal School & Parish

Coral Gables Campus, FL

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio has completed a number of projects on the campus of this private K-6 school in Coral gables.  C+R was originally hired to create a Masterplan for the School/Parish Campus which included the addition of a new ball field (including new perimeter walls), re-configuring and re-surfacing the parking lot area, creating an area for a Student Garden, and creating a Nature Walk to connect the school to the new field.  The school was very interested in “green” initiatives, and C+R utilized its knowledge of “green” design to aid the client in making decisions that would create a positive example to the students and community for sustainable design. 

  • C+R Created a Capital Improvements Package for the School to aid in future fundraising.

  • C+R designed a custom fence and columns to enclose the campus for greater safety.

  • C+R designed a new outdoor lunch area for the students, including ADA walkways and shade structures. 

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