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Sea Level Adaptation Strategies - 79th St.

Curtis + Rogers is part the team preparing the PD&E ( Project Development & Environment) for the SR 934/NE/NW 79th Street from West of I-95 to the end of SR934. The production process includes the compilation of existing conditions related to the environmental, cultural, historic and social resources of the corridor. Curtis + Rogers has been studying the existing characteristics of the corridor with the intent of complying with the District’s Complete Streets Initiative in which transportation investments support the quality of life of an area.

As part of the existing conditions analysis, Curtis + Rogers has gathered information regarding sidewalk materials, shaded areas for walking, furnishings and other characteristics and opportunities for activities which would support the Complete Streets initiative.

Given that Sea Level Rise is a pressing issue in South Florida, and understanding that this corridor, located in a high risk zone, is already subject to flooding, our analysis includes the assessment of potential sea level rise and climate risks throughout the corridor.

Early mappings indicate that some areas of the corridor will be negatively impacted by storm surges and sea level rise. Alternatives for development include potential adaptation strategies – ranging from the traditional pump systems to potential areas to integrate green infrastructure as a contributing methodology to mitigate the potential consequences.

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