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Ransom Everglades gets a new Loop

The new Loop Road

Curtis + Rogers has been working with Ransom Everglades Upper School for a couple years now. C+R helped develop the Master Plan for the Campus for the SAP (Special Area Plan) with the City when the school purchased the property to its north (La Brisa) to incorporate into the campus. The school was founded on Environmental Stewardship principles and is very proud of its beautiful bayside campus on Main Highway in Coconut Grove.

Ransom Everglades Master Plan

C+R currently has four projects under development on this campus. The first of these projects was just completed - a new Entry Road that loops around for student Drop-off. To accomplish this, one building was demolished and several large trees had to be relocated.

Gumbo Limbo being lifted from it's original location

Below are some photos of the Gumbo Limbo tree being relocated by Tropical Falls Landscape. They moved 19 palm trees and 6 large trees. They did an amazing job. Some of the trees and most of the palms are being held on the La Brisa property until the new STEM building is completed, and then they will be moved back to the new Quad that Perkins + Will are creating with the new STEM building.

Gumbo Limbo in its new location - can you tell which one it is?

Gumbo Limbo being moved

The Tree Holding area on La Brisa

The new Road is constructed with pervious pavers, and the lane markings are inlaid white, yellow, and blue pavers.

Jennie Rogers on site photographing conditions

Inlaid traffic markings in pavers

Julio Persivale and the Shawmut Crew consulting on irrigation

The Loop with the historic "Band Cottage" on the right

A relocated Gumbo Limbo tree on the right and a relocated Mahogany behind with the bracing

The project is finally complete and open for business after landscaping and irrigation was installed by Aquatic Landscaping Design. The new Drop-off should help ease the campus traffic. The next project on-deck for C+R at Ransom is a new "Green" parking lot which is currently in permitting.

No trip to campus is complete without a walk through the solution hole jungle (above) and a stroll out to the bay through the Mangrove forest (below) - a very magical place, we love working here.

Stay tuned for the "Green Parking Lot".....

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