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On the Horizon

Curtis + Rogers has been selected to provide design services on three different but overlapping projects in the City of North Bay Village: A stormwater master plan, streetscape improvements, and the development of a multi-purpose park at Treasure Island Elementary School.

As part of the BCC team engaged to provide services to develop a comprehensive Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP), Curtis + Rogers will provide landscape architectural services for the implementation of Low Impact Development strategies including green infrastructure and best management practices for incorporation into the overall City storm water management system.

The streetscape project, consists of preparing conceptual landscape improvement options for the medians on Treasure Island and the circular drives at Harbor Island. For this, C+R will develop illustrative conceptual options, discuss with the Village staff, and present to citizen boards and Village Commission.

And for the park at Treasure Island Elementary School, C+R is working under BEA Architects to design a park that provides service to the community while remaining sustainable and resilient in the future. The scope of work includes: a refurbished multi-purpose field that mitigates flooding and stormwater runoff, refurbished hard courts, an urban splash pad zone with sustainable features to conserve water, an urban trail and new fencing. All this will be integrated with a landscape design that responds to the various park amenities.

What makes these projects unique stems from the City’s origin story. Prior to 1940, there was no dry land. Only the waters of Biscayne Bay. Excess fill from dredging activities (happening across South Florida at the time) gave way to the creation of islands in the bay like the Port of Miami, Brickell Key, Venetian and Fisher Islands. And yet now, with sea-levels rising, the once innovative use for this excess fill has become a threat for the residents that call this small village home. Solutions for this project will need to take into account all the unique factors that make this "fill island" vulnerable to future hazards.

We are excited to be working on these projects, making south Florida a safer, more resilient place to live. We will continue to provide updates as we progress!


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