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In the Pipeline

Stormwater Park - City of Hialeah

A very new, but quickly progressing park project for the City of Hialeah is taking form at C+R. The W 92nd St Park, wedged between two high density residential gated communities and just west of I-75, will provide the surrounding communities with playgrounds, circular basketball half courts, and and open multi-use play field. The park will also serve as a stormwater management area that will feature native plant communities. The park will feature a fun and playful environment that showcases the native landscape via vegetation, topography, geology, and hydrology.

Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Shoreline Protection Project - City of Hollywood

Several areas in the City of Hollywood are currently affected by regular tides and severely affected by King Tides. As subconsultants to Cummins Cederberg, a coastal engineering firm, our team will collaborate on the design of approximately 7,300 linear feet of shoreline protection in the first phase of the project for the City of Hollywood.

Last week we wrapped up the Field Investigation and Data Collection chapter, which involved the development of a 3D Working Model to visualize existing conditions/future projections and to model proposed conceptual designs. The Model is a tool that helps facilitate the outreach component and informs design decisions. It will also provide the platform to conduct the sun-shade analysis of each specific site.

Swipe through for more draft renderings of site-level 3D model

The team is now moving forward into the development of design concepts for each of the 21 sites listed in the scope, the first phase of which will go into construction sometime in 2022-2023.

Alice Wainwright Park - City of Miami

The coastal portion of Alice Wainwright Park, a project in collaboration with Moffatt & Nichol, is currently under construction.

The baywalk uses an environmentally sensitive aggregate stabilized with an organic binder that is the strongest on the market today. Organic-Lock™ can withstand extreme coastal conditions that would normally cause erosion, while simultaneously remaining water permeable and durable for the heavy-use that the site will come to endure.

A mock-up of the Organic-Lock™ being tested on site.

Also in the works is the local sourcing of stone benches to match the silver bluffs that define the site's character and the selection of native trees to complement what's on site now. While construction of the baywalk is underway, the remaining trees on-site are being protected through careful grading and construction barriers around critical root zones.

Swipe through for images of the construction site

The new resilient baywalk is planned to be open to the public by the end of 2021. Upland improvements are planned to follow in phase II of the project.

Fishermen's Hospital - City of Marathon

Construction of this new Critical Access Hospital (replacement hospital) will be wrapping up next month. The original, effectively destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2018, was the only major hospital in the middle Keys. Given this significance, it was vital to get it back up and running to be of service to the community. In all, the hospital incorporates approximately 38,000 GSF along with pedestrian and vehicular access roads, parking, and the refurbishment of the helipad. With Nelson Architects as the Prime consultants, C+R provided a landscape design that matched the overall aesthetic of Baptist Hospitals, of which Fisherman’s is affiliated with, while fulfilling the requirement set forth by the City of Marathon. This means that 75% of new trees were natives to the Keys, and emphasized the utilization of native plantings and xeriscape principles.

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