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2023 Year in Review

As we draw the curtain on another year at Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, we take a moment to reflect on our achievements and milestones that have marked this remarkable journey. Amid our daily hustle, it is essential to pause and celebrate the collective successes that define our commitment to excellence.

We are proud to announce that Aida has been recognized as an ASLA Fellow this year! With over four decades of experience, she has been at the forefront of placing landscape architecture on the front lines of America's number one environmental issue: climate change. Aida's unwavering commitment to sustainability in design has earned her a well-deserved position among the esteemed ASLA Fellows, and we applaud her for her remarkable contributions.

Olivia successfully completed the LARE exams for landscape architecture! She has demonstrated unwavering dedication, hard work, and expertise throughout this challenging journey! Aurora is on her way to completing them as well, and we look forward to having two additional licensed landscape architects in 2024!

Another notable accomplishment this year was Jose Marti Park's reception of Waterfront Edge Design Guideline verification—an accolade bestowed by the Waterfront Alliance, a leading New York-based organization in coastal resilience, waterfront access, and design. As the first project in the State of Florida and the second outside of New York to achieve WEDG verification, this achievement underscores our dedication to setting the gold standard for resilient, accessible, and ecologically sound waterfront design.

Jennie's participation in an all-female panel discussing the state of design in Coral Gables demonstrated our commitment to thought-provoking conversations within the design community. We believe in engaging with our peers to address critical issues and contribute to the betterment of our cities.

Ralph spearheaded a Park(ing) Day event, alongside students from Florida International University, to showcase our dedication to fostering biodiversity in urban environments. This transformative project, supported by native plants purchased by C+R from Native Tree Nursery and transportation assistance from David Bryan of Tropical Falls, exemplifies our commitment to impactful community initiatives. At the end of the day, these plants were then donated to the adjacent elementary school for a future educational pollinator garden.

Curtis and Rogers took center stage at the ASLA Florida conference, hosting four educational sessions covering a range of topics, from the revitalization of Flagler Street to dissecting the ASLA Climate Action Plan. Our presence on the mainstage reflects our dedication to sharing insights, fostering dialogue, and contributing to the advancement of our industry.

At this year’s National ASLA conference Robert was selected alongside other finalists to deliver a game-changing speech that would spur the field of landscape architecture into climate action. His talk “Identity, Innovation, Impact: Landscape Architects Shaping Climate Solutions” received first place!

Aurora also received a WxLA scholarship, aiding her professional development by covering the cost associated with attendance at the ASLA national conference in Minneapolis. While there she received recognition among 9 other outstanding women across the nation.

Mariana and Gustavo continue to work fervently on developing the designs for several living shorelines for a variety of contexts from Miami Beach to Hollywood. They also completed drawings for the waterfront improvements at Morningside Park to make it more resilient to future flooding while maintaining the character that attracts so many residents to this beautiful City of Miami park.

The South Dade Transit Operations Center, the first of its kind in South Florida to house electric buses for the County’s transportation system and restore native habitats, will go into construction next year. It aims to provide street trees for motorists and pedestrians, creating entry and focal points with signature vegetation, and incorporating over 45 species of native plants and wildflowers to boost biodiversity and support pollinator, bird, and bat habitats. This initiative aligns with the goal of achieving Envision Silver certification and received unanimous celebratory approval from TARC. 

The Flagler Streetscape is now halfway completed, and the first portion is open to the public. As Miami’s first festival street, it offers wide sidewalks, large shade trees, modern furniture, and no on-street parking. If you are in the area, check it out!

As we look ahead to the new year, we express our gratitude for the collective efforts that have defined Curtis + Rogers Design Studio. We remain committed to excellence, innovation, and the continued advancement of our industry. Wishing you all a joyous holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

Warm regards,

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio




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