GSA Building | Benjamin P. Grogan and Jerry L. Dove Federal Building

Miramar, FL | Photography by Robin Hill

The landscape development of this site, which had been part of the Everglades in the 1900’s, was based on the idea of restoring this unique environment, which still exists a few miles west of the site.  This new landscape environment will serve to connect the undeveloped portions of South Florida, with the local community, by nestling this new Federal Building within this context. The landscape elements of the project are critical in that they will serve multi-faceted roles, the reestablishment of the relationship between the natural processes and the human activity, the treatment of storm water and its release to replenish lost wetlands, provision of habitats for plants and animals therefore contributing to the ecological diversity and contributing to the physical and mental well being of the users through their interaction with nature.

Curtis + Rogers is pleased to have conceived the “Everglades Landscape” concept for this project which was developed during the alternative concept phase of the project. The approach not only greatly assisted in successfully achieving credits for the sustainable sites initiative, but created a unique and exciting approach to landscape design in South Florida. The following GSA Design Review Comments speak to their enthusiastic endorsement of the concept and their desire to see its successful implementation.

“The wetlands approach is fantastic – suggest looking at this even more, sort of like the silent icon. If we successfully pull this off then we can show the entire State of Florida how this can be done successfully. Push this concept further and integrate it into the building, so that it becomes intrinsic with the building. This could take the GSA to a new latitude – and could affect how their designs are perceived across the entire nation.”

Designing Resilient Landscapes for a Sustainable Future