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Coconut Grove Business District

Coconut Grove, FL

The City of Miami hired Curtis + Rogers to provide design services related to streetscape renovations in the Coconut Grove Central Business District. The goal of the project was to review the existing problems with brick lifting and root intrusions in the sidewalks and evaluate existing tree conditions, while maintaining the existing wonderful character of Coconut Grove.  A combination of solutions have been implemented including: new trees planted in conditions optimal for future growth, maintaining existing trees while improving their immediate growing environment and replacement of bricks set in a more suitable base material to make the tree canopy more resilient.


The Curtis + Rogers team included landscape architects, urban arborists and horticulturists all working together to develop creative solutions to the challenging conditions. Extensive meetings were held with members of the Coconut Grove Business District, businesses in the area and the public to seek input and ideas for the project. The project was completed in March of 2021. 

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