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Broward Courthouse

Broward County, FL 

Curtis + Rogers was a part of the Master Plan process for the Broward Courthouse Complex in downtown Fort Lauderdale.  Phase 1 of that Master Plan, which involved a new Courthouse Building fronting SE 6th Street, was completed in 2019. The Plaza in Phase II, currently in permitting, has been designed to function as a public space for large and small civic gatherings, and for the groups that typically gather in front of a courthouse, including vendors and families with children.  Shade is provided by a grove of Oak trees on the west side of the walkway that then opens and climbs a double set of stairs to the Courthouse Plaza. Within the gathering space is a small simple structural space for children to play in and shaded seating for parents. The plaza also includes a smaller scale, shaded space to provide refuge from the activity in front of the courthouse. The overall design of the plaza centers on the concept of creating a shaded inclined path that leads visitors to the front door of the courthouse. Lighting and hardscape elements provide a further framing of this pathway. Curtis + Rogers provided the Hardscape, Furnishings, Lighting, Planting and Irrigation design for this project.

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