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Alice Wainwright Park

City of Miami, FL

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, Inc. was retained by the City of Miami, Florida to provide design and agency permit approvals services for the renovation of the waterfront area of Alice Wainwright Park. Major program elements included the renovation of the existing “seawall” and a new baywalk.


The project is currently under construction. The 69 invasive Australian pines neighboring the Natural Forest Community (NFC) have been removed and native tree canopy to remain was protected in place. The new seawall that meets is already in place and the new baywalk is being retrofitted with an environmentally sensitive permeable path material. There was very careful consideration on the grading of the site to keep all native trees and protect their root systems during construction. The new resilient baywalk is planned to be open to the public by end of 2021.


A phase II is planned for upland improvements on the park undergoing and planned to follow this construction.

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