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American Banker’s Family Aviary | Zoo Miami

Miami-Dade County, FL

The aviary within Zoo Miami, which was destroyed during Hurricane Andrew, required a complete overhaul. With a total area of 3.5 acres, of which 1.2 acres is an open-air flight cage, it is the largest open-air Asian aviary in the Western Hemisphere. Waterfalls, walkways with faux fossils imprints, and mud banks simulating a wetland made from shotcrete, were all designed elements surrounded by primarily Asian vegetation acclimated to South Florida. The greatest challenge was to use vegetation that was compatible with the 300 rare and endangered Asian birds that call this aviary home. The entire aviary complex was also designed to educate visitors about the evolution of birds from prehistoric to current times. Special care was taken during the design phase to ensure that the birds' landscaping consisted of different habitats that range from wetland to rainforest ecosystems, and that hiding places, nesting sites, and perching areas were provided for all sizes of birds

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