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Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Shoreline Protection

City of Hollywood, FL

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, Inc. was retained by Cummins Cederberg to provide design and consulting services for Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Shoreline Protection in the City of Hollywood, Florida. Phase one of this multimillion-dollar project started in February of 2021 and is expected to be completed by December of 2022. Several areas of city-owned coastal shoreline along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) including Holland Park and areas of North and South Lakes in the City of Hollywood, Broward County, Florida are currently affected by sea level rise and subject to coastal flooding. The seven miles of multi-use coastal areas are composed of many different typologies such as marine docks along streets, pump stations sites, end of roads with stormwater outfalls, linear parks, keyholes at end of lakes, commercial waterfront sites. Given their vulnerable location, a participatory design process, that emphasizes goals and aspirations of the surrounding community is integral part of the success of this project. Paired with an approach centered on climate ready adaptation – Curtis + Rogers’ collaborative design approach explores ways in which the park can minimize tidal flood impacts to the surrounding neighborhood, adapt to sea-level rise, and enhance waterfront access to residents. The Tidal Flooding Mitigation and Shoreline Protection project will serve as a model for climate ready waterfront coastal areas that can adapt to current and future flood risks associated with Climate Change and Sea-Level Rise.

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