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Southwest Streetscape & Street Tree Master Plan

City of Miami, FL


The Southwest Streetscape & Street Tree Master Plan addresses the interconnectedness of the City’s green infrastructure, current greening projects, as well as other on-going streetscape projects, to propose possible solutions towards making this portion of the city more resilient to climate change induced flooding and urban heat islands. At its conclusion, the goal for the project is to develop a blueprint for the City’s use as a tool for implementing greater resiliency within the street conditions of the project area. Proposed solutions involve redistribution of space within the ROW to more appropriately balance space for trees; Provision of structural soil systems to improve tree root establishment and water uptake; and a matrix of blue-green infrastructures implementable at a range of scale, cost, ROW space, and community interests. C+R is the lead on this project with collaboration with LOLA (Local Office of Landscape Architecture), BCC Engineering, and ESciences.

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