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Saint Stephens Church | Labyrinth

Miami, FL

St. Stephen’s Church faces McFarlane Road and is adjacent to Peacock Park in the heart of Coconut Grove.  In 2003, the Church envisioned a paved Labyrinth to occupy this space.  A labyrinth is utilized for prayer and meditation, in group events and solitary contemplation.  The church wanted this space to be open to the community, and to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape.  Due to funding problems, the project was put on hold until 2016, when a young parishioner decided to take on the task as his Boy Scout Eagle Scout project.  Re-vitalized by this young man, the project came back to life.  In February of 2017, the Labyrinth itself was constructed by the Boy Scout troop. The Coconut Grove Garden Club volunteered to install and maintain the new landscaping, with the plants that are being donated by a parishioner.  Curtis + Rogers designed the foundation for the Labyrinth, the surrounding shell paths, the Landscape, and the Irrigation for this special project.  This has been an unconventional collaborative project between volunteers, the church, and paid consultants, to create a beneficial space for the community.

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