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Ransom Everglades School

Coconut Grove, FL

Curtis + Rogers has worked on several projects for Ransom Everglades on their Upper School Campus on Main Highway in Coconut Grove.  This prestigious and historic private school was founded in 1903 by Paul Ransom upon the principles of Environmental Stewardship. The school purchased the property to the north which houses the La Brisa home, built in 1887 by Coconut Grove’s pioneering couple Kirk and Mary Munroe.  C+R helped amend the City Special Area Plan (SAP) in 2017 to include the La Brisa addition, developing a Landscape Master Plan for the campus’ expansion.  The addition of this property brings with it a large mangrove preserves, a tropical solution hole and several enormous Ficus trees. C+R helped present this plan to the City Commission and it was adopted in 2017. Already completed are the new “Green” student parking lot on the La Brisa site - tucked within the lush setting and using sustainable principles, and the new Loop Drop-off both of which required the relocation of some large trees.  C+R has also worked on a new buffer wall for the northern border, requested by the neighbors.  C+R has aided with legal exhibits for negotiations and met with all parties to form a consensus on the best way to provide a buffer in this ecologically and environmentally protected area. Also, currently under construction are the areas around the newly renovated La Brisa House, which will now be home to Administration offices.  These plans include a new intimate garden space, and new planting on a renovated eastern pool deck.

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