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Miami Marine Stadium

City of Miami, FL

Our design embraces the historical significance of the stadium landmark. Its central axis, a roundabout entryway, serves as the framework for a grandiose entry procession that celebrates the water to water connections of roadside beaches along the scenic Rickenbacker Causeway to the revered Miami Marine Stadium and its water basin. 

As a historic structure, the Miami Marine Stadium’s elevation is already set. The existing plaza that serves as the public atrium and access to the Stadium is currently vulnerable to King Tide flooding and conditions will worsen according to South Florida Regional Climate Compact’s projections for sea level rise.  To extend the life span of the whole compound and make it resilient to the anticipated increase in water level, our team proposed that the whole site be elevated an average of 2.5 feet to accommodate the sea level rise while respecting the existing elevation of the iconic Miami Marine Stadium structure. To further build the resiliency of the plaza an under paving mattress of tree cell root management system linked to an additional reservoir of R Tanks for rain water storage was design as an green-gray integrated rain water /irrigation management system.


The iconic dazzling architecture and its waterfront setting with spectacular views of downtown Miami will become the attraction and point of pride for the city, allowing it to celebrate and showcase Miami’s resiliency through infrastructure that will engage and adapt to the forces of climate change and sea level rise.

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