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Leon Medical Centers

Miami, FL

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio Inc., has designed and overseen construction of five Healing Gardens at four different Leon Medical Centers (East Hialeah, West Hialeah, Flagler, and 27th Avenue) The Gardens are heavily planted with lush full material. Palms, Bamboo, dense ground planting and a bubbling fountain help these spaces act as retreats from the bustling Medical Centers. The elegance, cleanliness and simplicity of the design contribute to the feeling of respect that exemplifies the Leon Medical Centers. Today, the medical field is rediscovering the importance of the natural environment to the process of healing and has begun to re-prioritize the importance of the landscape in the design of medical facilities. Spaces where patients can interact with nature and natural views from inside the medical facility have been proven through studies to decrease recovery time of patients. It was our goal, to assist the patients, visitors, and employees of Leon Medical Center, and to create a feeling of well-being and peace through the use of nature and sensory experiences.

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