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Jose Marti Park Adaptive Redesign
City of Miami, FL

As the first project in the State of Florida and only the second outside New York to achieve WEDG® Verification, the Jose Marti Park project now stands as the twelfth nationally verified project to meet the highest standards. 


Developed by the Waterfront Alliance, a New York based organization and leader in coastal resilience, waterfront access, and design, the WEDG® program sets the gold standard for resilient, accessible, and ecologically sound waterfront design. This significant accomplishment demonstrates Curtis + Rogers'  commitment to local resilience solutions, positioning them as leaders in the field.


Key elements of the design include retrofitting existing seawalls, constructing new seawalls, implementing living shorelines/living seawalls, creating a floating boardwalk with viewing platforms, developing a Riverwalk with pervious pavement and underground water retention infrastructure, sculpting uplands to incorporate bioswales, rain gardens, exfiltration trenches, raised berms, and integrating native tree canopy and appropriate groundcovers to maximize water capture and filtration into the river and water table.

All these solutions form part of what Curtis + Rogers has termed an “Adaptation Toolbox”. Organized into 4 distinct categories (Collect, Protect, Cool, and Connect), the toolbox forms a systems level approach towards climate adaptation. The intention being that the design provide an example of various, permittable, solutions applicable at sites of similar condition in South Florida. 

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