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Gibson Park

Miami, FL


Situated along the southeast notch of the I-95 and 395 interchanges, with Overtown neighborhood and a school surrounding it; Gibson Park is an integral space for a localized group of users. Unfortunately, by 2009 through use and time it had fallen into disrepair, no longer able to fulfill its role in the community.  the City of Miami hired Curtis + Rogers to redesign this park, services of which included: a synthetic turf football field, covered accessible playground, picnic shelters, vita course trail, splash park and a pool. It was important that existing tree canopy be maintained, with some enhancements made in areas lacking. As part of the enhancement, came the creation of a vegetated buffer along the perimeter adjacent to the highway to reduce noise, minimize disturbances and allow for deeper immersion into the outdoor experience. The parks diagonal entryway with oval grass lawn is multi-purpose serving as a passageway and a gathering space for its users. Bright color schemes and intricate paving patterns throughout pay homage to Overtown's Bahamian ancestry. 

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