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Garden of the Arts

Hialeah, FL


Hialeah Cultural Park is envisioned to be a lush tropical park tucked into a quiet urban community.  The neighborhood has little to no existing public space amenities, so the City of Hialeah working with FPL found a creative way to provide much needed green space. The land, donated by FPL, is an existing FPL transmission right-of-way currently not accessible to the public.  FPL collaborated with our design team to create a park which fits the functional requirements of a transmission right-of-way while providing a meandering path through rich vegetation for people to stroll and learn about the rich history of Hialeah. The C+R team designed elements into the park plazas to enhance the story of Hialeah from its roots in the Native Americans who named Hialeah (meaning “High Prairie”) to the Hialeah Park Racetrack today and through the future.  The landscape within the plazas serve as a backdrop for local artists’ interpretive work throughout the park. 

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