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Flagler Street

Miami, FL

In 2013, Curtis + Rogers Design Studio along with BCC Engineering was hired by the City of Miami to completely redesign the streetscape. The goal - to develop an iconic pedestrian-friendly festival street that would breathe life back into the long-neglected space. While two blocks were completed in 2018, problems with the contractor lead to their removal and the project went on hold. In came Moishe Mana, who then purchased a high percentage of properties along Flagler Street and requested that the street be more than the original design. With pressure and an agreement to maintain non-standard improvements from the new Flagler BID, more money was found to fund an iconic streetscape.


Given C+R's commitment to designing resilient landscapes, the streetscape design integrates a modular suspended pavement system that provides structural support for soil volumes needed for large tree growth. This technology provides on-site stormwater management through interception, absorption, and evapotranspiration. With the increasing intensity of rain events in South Florida, this hidden design element will provide the needed capabilities to maintain function in the future. In its completed state, the Flagler streetscape will improve quality of life through a safer, more attractive shared space for businesses, pedestrians, and motorists alike.

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