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Chuck Pezoldt Park

Miami-Dade County, FL


Chuck Pezoldt Park is located on the western edge of Miami-Dade County along the 2020 Urban Development Boundary. It is bordered on north, south and east sides by low density - single family residential and estate density residential, and to the west by agricultural and government uses. Historic vegetation maps of the area label the site as being on the fringe of Hydric Uplands – part of the Miami Rock Ridge and the Ridge and Slough Marshes. The design will implement many principles established by the Miami Dade Parks System Design Criteria. Plant palettes will consist of native plant material, reminiscent of the pre-development conditions, to re-establish the site’s native ecology; tree canopy will be increased for shade and carbon intake; overall water consumption will be reduced. Ultimately, the project aims to be a model for resilient environmentally sensitive design that blurs the line between program, building, art, and landscape. This project is seeking LEED silver certification.

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