Camp Matecumbe

Miami-Dade County, FL


Camp Matecumbe is a parcel of land in West-Kendall owned by Miami-Dade County Parks and Recreation Department that is adjacent to one of the largest remaining Pine Rockland Ecosystems in South Florida. Curtis + Rogers Developed a General Plan for the creation of a Regional  Park that connects and relates to the adjacent Pineland which is managed by the EEL (Environmentally Endangered Lands) Program.  The creation of this plan involved extensive interaction with the Cuban-American Community because of its involvement in Operation Pedro Pan during the 1960’s (The Catholic Church provided transitional living quarters for over 14,000 Cuban children whose parents wanted to relocate due to political unrest in Cuba).  Through the Community Meeting process, numerous stakeholder interviews, feasibility studies, and consensus building a General Plan was developed that embraces environmentally sustainable principles.

Designing Resilient Landscapes for a Sustainable Future