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Bayfront Park

Miami, FL


In 2006, the City of Miami commissioned a “Capital Improvement Plan” for Bayfront Park.  This plan was preceded by work done for the City in 2003 by the BNV Corporation. The Capital Improvement Plan built on the recommendations of BNV who suggested, among other things, to make the Baywalk a “pleasurable walk” by decreasing the scale and adding much needed shade and address the existing paths which “frustrate” the desire for direct functional access, particularly between the downtown area and the bay. Curtis + Rogers along with their sub consultants produced three documents for the “Capital Improvements Plan.” The first was an in-depth analysis of the park including functional environmental and aesthetic issues, the second was a series of proposed improvements which could be staged and the third was an estimate of cost. The initial phase of new construction, which includes improvements to the Baywalk, was completed in April 2010.

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