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Through civic engagement, public, and professional participation, we take action to transform and provide a positive impact on our community.​​
2019 Global Climate Strike

Sparked by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg, the first week of September witnessed a series of strikes and protests demanding action be taken to address climate change. 4,500 protests across 150 countries drew out over 6 million people. The morning of the strike, two C+R employees took time off to participate and relay the event to the rest of the team. It was an afternoon full of productive conversation on ways in which we as a team can further advocate for our planet - within the following weeks we developed our first office sustainability plan. 

Village of Key Biscayne - On Common Ground Panel  

The “Common Ground in a Changing Climate” panel sought to raise awareness on the causes and consequences of climate change in South Florida. While the disastrous effects certainly caught some of the audience members off guard, not everything was doom and gloom. Director of Resilience Design, Mariana Boldu talked about ways in which we can empower people to push their own boundaries in a way that is rooted in science, incorporates strategic partnerships, and involves interdisciplinary collaborations to develop more informed solutions of mitigation and adaptation. Founding Principal, Aida Curtis, discussed the value of trees in our urban environment and the dire need to start talking about them as an invaluable component of urban infrastructure.

Sea Level Rise Code Workshop 

Curtis + Rogers had the opportunity of participating in the Sea Level Rise Code Workshop hosted by AIA Miami and the Sea Level Rise Task Force. The goal of this workshop was to brainstorm strategies for updating the Miami 21 zoning code so that it may reflect adaptations to sea level rise. Four multi-disciplinary teams were created each focusing on a different site and building typology: Site (Open Space), Existing Building, New Building, and Building + Site. Overall, the workshop emphasized that multidisciplinary collaboration is critical in order to develop resiliency guidelines and updates to Miami 21. 

Community Picnic | Jose Marti Park 

Hosted by Van Alen Institute, a non profit organization seeking to create equitable cities through inclusive design, the Picnic at Jose Marti Park served as a informal gathering to engage with the residents of Little Havana. The intimate layout gave way to deep exchanges between the users and designers of this park - sharing experiences, design ideas, hopes, fears, etc. The gathering was deeply informative. by creating a safe-space where daily users of this park could express their desires, we were able to accurately capture what was needed to make this park both resilient to climate change and functional to those that use it often. 

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