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79th Street PD&E

Miami-Dade County, FL

Curtis + Rogers Design Studio, Inc. was retained by Stantec to render services for the Florida Department of Transportation, for the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) for SR 934/NE/NW 79 Street from West of I-95 (13 CT) to the end of SR 934/1 Way PT. Also, subsequent design alternatives to evaluate corridors improvements will follow in coordination with the Complete Street context classification initiative. Gathering existing roadway characteristics – relating to sidewalk materials, parking areas, percentage shaded sidewalks and presence of furnishings within corridor, and opportunities for activities commensurate with Complete Streets initiative were mapped. Since the area is prone to coastal flooding, existing environmental characteristics in relationship to flood risk was also undertaken. To identify opportunities to provide more canopy and infiltration areas to inform the next stage on the PD&E process; the roadway design alternatives were documented through mapping and metrics. Furthermore, the related opportunities for additional canopy and infiltration areas to mitigate the flooding are assessed and related to reference sections.

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